Learning to Learn

We have some wide ranging conversations over dinner at our house.  One topic that has come up a number of times is how we learn and some of the psychology of learning.  We decided that I was most likely a ‘visual-spatial’ learner using either Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences or a ‘visual learner’ according to Flemming’s VARK model.  Visual learners tend to think in pictures and learn well from figures and diagrams. This of course would make sense given my interests!

If you are interested in finding out more about these models check out the following links:




I appreciate that few of us fit nicely into the categories outlined by these models and that the models themselves may be fundamentally flawed.  What I think is important is a recognition on our part as educators that our students respond more or less effectively to particular types of instruction and be flexible in our approach.  As students we need to continually reflect on what classes worked well for us and why – what style of instruction best meets our needs.

When considering photographic instruction we should be mindful of what style of instruction works best for us and look for an approach that is going to play to our strengths.  I would like to think that photography is a skill to be developed and this development will likely take some time, so we should dig in and enjoy the journey.

This image was made at one of my favorite beaches.  I had been up to catch the sunrise and then was hunting for some detail shots that were a little different.  Once I found the mussel shell I worked my way into position to line up the other elements in the frame and waited for the waves!