Friday Inspiration: Cig Harvey

My first experience of Cig Harvey‘s photography was the image above which ran as a cover for Maine Magazine. It made me pick up the magazine, which I absolutely love, but also gave me an reason to dig deeper into Cig Harvey’s work.

Cig Harvey was born and raised in Devon in the South of England and now divides her time between Boston and the coast of Maine. Her personal work seems to me to tell the stories of what’s going on in her life and includes a number of self-portraits, many of which show case her collection of vintage dresses.

To hear Cig speaking about her work, process and inspiration check out this video .

7 Replies to “Friday Inspiration: Cig Harvey”

  1. I love her work and I’ve been trying to figure out how she does the self-portraits too. I’m not 100% sure – it sounds like she sets the camera up and then uses a self-timer to trigger the shutter. I can see how that would work for some images but not all – her hanging off the channel marker being an example of it not being totally clear for me quite how she does it.


  2. I saw some of her images this past May when we were at JP’s workshop in a Rockport’s Gallery. I particularly loved the image of the green dress and green apple that was displayed there. I remember asking how much it was, as I really love d it and if I remember correctly it was 250k! I really really love her work. thank you for posting this Andy!

        1. Thanks Cig for stopping in and for the correction too. I wish photography could regularly go for $250K but $2K is good too.

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