At The Pool


Growing up I spent an awful lot of time at the pool and it looks as though I’m going to be doing so again, although not in the water this time.

While sat watching my kids do laps I wondered whether I could use the time to develop a project, one that goes beyond the snapshots of the kids at the pool.  It’s fun to start these projects, I find finishing them much harder.

7 Replies to “At The Pool”

  1. As the mother of three club swimmers, I sympathise. The steamy hours, the chlorine in your nostrils….
    I guess nowadays another issue is taking shots of other people’s children with not much on. What sad times we live in…
    Good luck with it.

    1. It’s funny how our children do what we did to our parents. Karma I suppose.

      You’re absolutely right about being careful taking photos that have other people’s children in them. Just taking photos of kids in general is difficult territory to negotiate.

  2. You’re facing the same quandry as many others do – you have a deep passion and it calls to you. But the family and family time is important too. It’s a tough decision and my experience is you do the best you can to balance it. Because eventually the kids get older and move out and you’ll never have that time with them again.


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