There Are Images Everywhere – The Art of Seeing


There are images everywhere. No really there are.

Regardless of whether you live in an area that people would travel to because of it’s natural beauty, or whether you live in an area that people feel they need to leave to experience natural beauty there are images to be made. The skill that we need to learn is to see them. This is something that takes practice. Freeman Patterson’s book ‘Photography and the Art of Seeing‘ is a great place to start. A new edition just came out – it’s exceptional and should find a home on every photographer’s shelf.

Learning to see the possibilities around you means carrying a camera around with you and using it every day. For me there are days when that’s not an issue at all and then those other days when I’m running to stay in one place, not so easy. But I keep trying.

I’m finding with the iPhone that I enjoy the exploration of image after taking it, at least as much as taking it in the first place. The image above was taken while I was waiting for my son to be released from school the other day. I played with it in photoforge and phototoaster.

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  1. I agree, there are photos everywhere. And when you kind of force yourself to find a good composition in the ordinary, you really explore your own personal vision. Great post! 🙂

    1. I feel like the more take photos the more you see and really the best way to do this is to carry a camera around with you and use it! It’s fun to see what I do with an iPhone or compact camera vs the DSLR on a tripod and how the two approaches inform one another.

      Many thanks!

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