Friday Inspiration: Gerhard Richter

I’ve been taking a deep dive into the world of a couple of different painters over the Christmas holiday. The first that I wanted to share here was Gerhard Richter. For much of Richter’s early work he used photographs as source material. Many of these source photographs can be seen in Richter’s scrapbook of source material The Atlas. Some of these paintings are remarkably realistic. I must admit however that I like his abstracts much more. These are large scale paintings made with a tool of his own design. Click here to see a documentary that shows Richter talking about his photographs and at work making some of these large abstracts.

3 Replies to “Friday Inspiration: Gerhard Richter”

  1. I love this abstract you posted with all that yellow and the hint of neutrals and greens running through it. I’m guessing a reflection in golden light as that what it would make me think of and the place I go with it. Thank you for sharing this, Andy.

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