Approaching Storm

I have family that live out on the end of long island.  The most relaxing way of getting to the end of long island from home, just south of Boston, involves taking the ferry from New London to Orient Point.  The ferry ride breaks up the trip nicely and gives me an opportunity to stretch my legs.  I always debate whether I should bring my camera along with me on the ferry ride, that is, not leave it in the car and I generally do opt to take it with me unless it is raining.  On this occasion I had stopped in Greenport on the way to Orient Point to poke around the docks looking for anything interesting without any success.  As I approached the ferry dock it looked like rain and so I was very close to leaving my camera in the car.  At the last moment I decided not to.  As I waited for the ferry to leave, the storm that had been brewing blew through.  On the leading edge were the tremendous cloud formations that I spent the next 10 minutes photographing.  Never have I been happier to have my camera with me!