Autumnal Wanderings


I’m sure that there must be really good uses for the various film emulation software that is available, matching the look of a project that was started in film and transitioned to digital might be one, but for me they are not much more than very expensive presets that let me try out various looks very quickly.

I can’t say that I’m overly sold on the ‘film look’ either but it’s fun to play and occasionally I stumble into something that I like. I think the more that you play with these kinds of tools the more that you’re able to imagine what the possibilities are for processing after the fact.

While I would like to think that I know what a particular lens will do, I’m a long way from this kind of fluency with the myriad of options available for post-processing. Knowing what draws you and and what repels you certainly is one way of narrowing the available options. Restricting your options to a distinct palette of tools is one way to create a signature style. This is something that I’m in the very early stages of working on but I’m having fun thinking about how it all fits together.

A Walk in the Woods


I spent a good amount of time wandering around in the woods this weekend. Surprisingly many of the trees here in Massachusetts still have leaves that have yet to change color.

iPhone Fun on the Farm


How many times have you seen something that you’ve thought would make a great photograph but you’ve kept going, thinking that you’ll get it on the way back or tomorrow or the next time your in town? If you’re like me you’ve done this dozens of times. I’m always rushing from one place to another so much so that there’s little time for those scenes that you just happen upon. The photograph above is one example of such an image. I’ve driven by this tractor on a weekly basis for over 7 years, it’s on the way to the local coffee shop, but it wasn’t until this week that I actually stopped and took the photograph. I was pleased that I did. I got a photo that I was happy with and got to meet Chrissie Dahlstrom. To see Chrissie’s version of her tractor click here.